Non Invasive Biofiller Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

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This unique treatment for dehydrated skin of all types ensures perfect face contour sculpting and correction of mimic wrin- kles.



Indication: Dehydrated skin of all types with signs of photoageing and age-related skin thinning. All ages.

Action: The correction of mimic wrinkles and face contour sculpting. It can be used as an instant-effect ‘party look’ treatment, pre- and post-aesthetic surgery and as a peel treatment.

Contraindication: individual intolerance to skincare ingredients. Standard contraindications for cosmetic procedures.

Procedure duration: 60 – 85 minutes

Recommended course: 10 – 12 procedures performed once every 6 – 7 days

This unique treatment has excellent lifting action and a pronounced rejuvenating effect on the skin. The treatment, whose efficacy equals that of hyaluronic acid mesotherapy, does not require injections. This non-invasive approach  is made possible by the low molecular weight components developed by Forlle’d. The efficacy of these components often exceeds that of injectable products. They are also safer and have fewer contraindications. The use of both low molecular weight and hydrolisated BioPure serums can be customised to meet the demands of any client. The treatment replenishes deficiencies in any essential substances in the skin and boosts their long-lasting endogenous synthesis.

Visible results in the form of plumped up, firmer and tighter skin are achieved after a minimum of 4 – 5 procedures.

This treatment can be used after plastic surgery and as rehabilitation care for better and longer-lasting results. The same applies to the post-peel treatment. This treatment is not a substitute for fillers, but it enhances and prolongs their efficacy. Moreover, the treatment can be easily customised to meet the needs of the client’s skin to make the skin look younger and tighter after 4 – 5 procedures.

Products recommended to complement and enhance results at home:

  • Hyalogy Remover for Point Make-up
  • Hyalogy P-effect Clearance Cleansing / Hyalogy P-effect Re-purerance Wash / Hyalogy Creamy Wash
  • Hyalogy Peeling Lotion
  • Hyalogy P-effect Essence / Hyalogy α / Hyalogy β
  • Hyalogy P-effect Nourishing Cream



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